Object of the Season

The Webb Deep-Sky Society requested observations for the following deep-sky objects. Findings are published in the Deep Sky Observer (DSO).

Observations should be sent to Wolfgang Steinicke , Gottenheimerstr. 18, D-79224 Umkirch, Germany.

Object of the Season (Winter 2023)

Reflection Nebula NGC 1788 in Orion

The reflection nebula NGC 1788 (also known as the Bat Nebula) is about 5° SE of Orion’s belt stars. It is significantly influenced by the massive, young stars of the Orion region. The conspicuous nebula was discovered on 1 February 1786 by the William Herschel.

Reflection Nebula 17888 in Orion - Credit: ESO
Image credit: ESO
NGC 1788
Position (2000)
05 06 53.2 -03 20 27 (Ori)
Visual Magnitude
9 mag
5' × 3'
3,000 ly
Other Designations
V 32, h 347, GC 1005, LBN 916

Results of the observations of NGC 1788 will be published in DSO 194.

Wolfgang Steinicke - Nebulae and Clusters Section Director

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