25 September 2020: Observation (image) of Deer Lick Group and Stephan's Quintet by Richard Weatherley

1 September 2020: A new Nebula, Cluster, Galaxy, Double Star, and Picture of the Month. Scroll down to take a look.

9 August 2020: Miles Paul's Atlas of Galaxy Trios available as free download.

17 June 2020: A revised Double Star Section Circular No. 28 is now available

Our Annual Meeting

Sadly due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic we've taken the decision to cancel our meeting planned for Saturday the 13th of June 2020 in Cambridge. We plan to be back in June 2021, but it's too early to set a date yet, so watch this space...

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With kind permission of Kent Wallace, we can now offer our own reprint of his titanic work Visual Observations of Planetary Nebulae. Kent sold out of his own print run some time ago, so don't wait too long.

Volume 2 of Mike Swan's excellent Atlas of Open Star Clusters is now available alongside Volume 1. This completes the coverage of the sky started in Volume 1. So if you have the first volume this is essential! And if you don't have either why not buy both?

Issue 184 of The Deep-Sky Observer (DSO) is now available.

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Picture of the Month: NGC 602 in Hydrus

The Flying Lizard nebula and the open cluster NGC 602 in the Small Magellanic Cloud in Hydrus courtesy of Steve Crouch
This image was provided by Steve Crouch

Heading south for a nebula and open cluster combination that's outside our galaxy. There are also galaxies and a very special double star.

Galaxy of the Month: NGC 7585 in Aquarius

This image of NGC 7585 was provided by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)
Image credit: Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)

Owen's moved to Aquarius this month with a serious challenge for those further north from an interesting, and interacting, group of galaxies.

Nebula or Cluster of the Month: NGC 6888, IC 4996 and IC 4997

An image of open cluster IC 4996 in Cygnus provided by Stefan Binnewies and Josef Pöpsel (Capella Observatory)
Image credit: Stefan Binnewies and Josef Pöpsel (Capella Observatory)

This month we have three objects for you to observe! A pair of favourites in Cygnus then on to Sagitta where Patrick has a challenge for you.

Double Stars of the Month: STF 2872 and 57 Aql

Thumbnail image of a finder chart for double star STF 2872 in Cepheus
Image credit: created with Cartes du Ciel

A challenging split in Cepheus from Bob this September, and a question about colour for his showpiece double in Aquila.

Object of the Season: CRL 2688 (Egg Nebula) in Cygnus

Image credit: Raghvendra Sahai and John Trauger (JPL), the WFPC2 science team, and NASA/ESA
Image credit: Raghvendra Sahai and John Trauger (JPL), the WFPC2 science team, and NASA/ESA

Wolfgang Steinicke would appreciate your observations of planetary nebula CRT 2688 for his Object of the Season column in the Deep-Sky Observer.

The Deep-Sky Observer

The cover of The Deep-Sky Observer 184

Profusely illustrated, The Deep-Sky Observer is printed on art paper. Its magazine format encourages all amateurs to make a contribution to the Society's work.

Double Star Section Circulars

The contents page of Double Star Section Circular 28

Double Star Section Circulars (DSSC) feature the latest techniques and measurements from double star observers around the World. They are available as PDFs for free download.


Abell 84 in Cassiopeia by Mike O'Brien
Abell 84 in Cassiopeia by Mike O'Brien

Some observations and images provided by amateur astronomers around the globe. We're happy to receive your images, sketches and observations of the deep-sky made in pursuit of your projects.