2 July 2019: New observation of M 102 by David Davies

1 July 2019: New Galaxy, Double Star, and Picture of the Month. Scroll down to take a look.

18 June 2019: A round up of our Annual Meeting 2019 is available

18 May 2019: DSO Issue 182 is out! The PDF version is available for download by registered members.

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Our Annual Meeting

That's a wrap for another year, so the planning can start for 2020. It was a great day at the IOA in Cambridge, and we'd like to extend our thanks to our speakers and all those that helped make it such a success.

A special vote of thanks to our out-going President, Bob Argyle. Bob's remaining as the Double Star Section Director, so I won't have to write the Double Star of the Month column, which is good news for all of you.

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Picture of the Month: Messier 55 in Sagittarius

Messier 55 in Sagittarius - Image Courtesy of Herbert Walter and Bernhard Hubl
This image was provided courtesy of Herbert Walter and Bernhard Hubl.

Too much nebulosity recently, so it's time for a change, and this loose and low globular cluster is just the thing. Easy in binoculars and better in a small telescope.

Galaxy of the Month: NGC 6500 in Hercules

NGC 6500 was provided by the Pan-STARRS1 Surveys
Image credit: Pan-STARRS1 Surveys

A pair of galaxies that are not widely known but are accessible to modest size telescopes from Owen this month. There's even a double star hiding a galaxy.

Object of the Season: M 108 in Ursa Major

Image credit: European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Image credit: Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)

Wolfgang Steinicke would appreciate your observations of M 108 for his Object of the Season column in the Deep-Sky Observer.

Double Stars of the Month: STF 2398 and rho Oph

Thumbnail image of a finder chart for the double star rho Oph in Ophiuchus
Image credit: created with Cartes du Ciel

A physical pair of M dwarfs in Draco for larger telescopes and a stunning bright pair in Ophiuchus from Bob. He offers colourful bonus as well.