26 March 2019: New observation from David Davies: NGC 6934 and NGC 7006.

1 March 2019: New Galaxy, Double Star, and Picture of the Month. Scroll down to take a look.

16 February 2019: The Deep-Sky Observer issue 181 is available for download

1 January 2019: SkyTools file for DSF Object of the Week 2018 available.

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Picture of the Month: Ced 111 in Chamaeleon

Reflection Nebula and Dark Cloud Complex Ced 111 - Image Courtesy of Don Goldman
This image was provided courtesy of Don Goldman.

More nebulous goodness this March, and this image is packed with it in a variety of different astronomical forms.

Galaxy of the Month: IC 2184 in Camelopardalis

Image credit: Pan-STARRS1 Surveys
Image credit: Pan-STARRS1 Surveys

A galactic collision that's caused plenty of confusion from Owen this month. A tough challenge for the large scope. Can you split them?

Object of the Season: Planetary Nebula NGC 6781 in Aquila

Image credit: European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Image credit: European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Wolfgang Steinicke would appreciate your observations of NGC 6781 for his Object of the Season column in the Deep-Sky Observer.

Double Stars of the Month: STTA 123 and HJ 4104

Thumbnail image of a finder chart for the double star HJ 4104 in Vela
Image credit: created with Cartes du Ciel

A wide pair in Draco and something much tighter for southern observers in Vela. Plenty of colours to discuss in both multiples from Bob this March.