Willmann-Bell Publications

As you are probably aware, Willmann-Bell's publications are superb quality, and we have a selection of the best to offer. To order any of these books please contact Webb Deep-Sky Society sales (sales@webbdeepsky.com).

Annals of the Deep Sky: Volume 6

Cover of Volume 6 of the Annals of the Deep Sky

We have a single copy of this that covers Chamaeleon, Circinus, Columba, Coma Berenices and Corona Australis. You can download the table of contents for Volume 6 from Willmann-Bell's website.

Price is £28 (before P&P).

A Few Additional Titles

We also currently have copies of the following:

  • The Bedford Catalogue by Admiral Smyth (1)
  • Bright Star Atlas by Wil Tirion & Brian Skiff (2)
  • Binocular Observing by Craig Crossen & Wil Tirion (2)