Webb Deep-Sky Society Publications Archive

The Webb Society has a long history of publishing works for the deep-sky enthusiast. Sadly some of these are no longer available.

Observation Handbooks

Our observation handbooks are no longer in print, but can be found second hand.

  • Volume 1 - Double Stars (Second edition - 1986) written by Bob Argyle.
  • Volume 2 - Planetary and Gaseous Nebulae (1978) written by David Allen and Edmund Barker. (A revised version is being prepared).
  • Volume 3 - Open and Globular Clusters (1980) written by Edmund Barker.
  • Volume 4 - Galaxies (1981) written by Edmund Barker.
  • Volume 5 - Clusters of Galaxies (1982) written by George Whiston.
  • Volume 6 - Anonymous Galaxies (1987) written by Malcolm Thomson and Ronald Morales.
  • Volume 7 - The Southern Sky (1987) written by Steven Hynes.
  • Volume 8 - Variable Stars (1990) written by John Isles.


Whilst The Deep-Sky Observer is alive and well, many older editions, and its predecessor, The Quarterly Journal are hard to find.

We do maintain a comprehensive index of the journal which is available for download as a PDF file.

We can also offer The Webb Archive DVD holds scans of all the Magazine and Journal Publications released by the Webb Society since the first Quarterly Journal in 1968 and some 250 people have contributed articles over the 40+ year period. Please contact us for details.