Abell Planetary Observer's Guide by Alvin Huey

The Abell Planetary Observer's Guide is the second in the “At The Eyepiece” series authored by Alvin Huey. The guides are written for intermediate and advanced observers who like a challenge. This "meat" of this publication features a two page spread containing everything an observer needs to locate, detect and observe each Abell Planetary Nebula.

A list of over 80 planetary nebulae, magnitudes 11 to 20. Features Observations and Sketches for each object.

Sample content from the Abell Planetary Observer's Guide

ContentsPage No.
What are Abell Planetary Nebulae and Why Are We Looking For Them!7
Observing Planetary Nebulae8
Observing Equipment11
Observing Sites and Sky Quality27
Observing Techniques29
Recording Your Observations32
How to Use the Atlas37
The Abell Planetary Nebulae Atlas with Observing Notes39
Abell Planetary Nebula Index (Sorted by Abell)204
Abell Planetary Nebula Index (Sorted by Constellation)206
Sources and Recommended Reading209