Object of the Season

The Webb Deep-Sky Society requested observations for the following deep-sky objects. Findings are published in the Deep Sky Observer (DSO).

Observations should be sent to Wolfgang Steinicke , Gottenheimerstr. 18, D-79224 Umkirch, Germany.

Object of the Season (Spring 2017)

The Peculiar Galaxy NGC 2537 in Lynx

This is the strange “Bear Paw Galaxy”. The object was found by William Herschel on 6 February 1788 and catalogued as “planetary nebula” IV 55. Don’t miss the super thin galaxy IC 2233 only 17' to the south. Both objects are not easy targets due to low surface brightness.

This interactive image of NGC 2537 was provided by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) using Aladin Sky Atlas.
NGC 2537
Position (2000)
08 13 14.4 +45 59 29.0 (Lyn)
Peculiar galaxy (SBm pec)
1.7' x 1.5' (PA 162°)
25.8 Mly
Other Designations
IV 55, h 491, GC 1629, UGC 4274, MCG 8-15-50, CGCG 236-35, PGC 23040, Mrk 86, Arp 6, VV 138

Results of the observations of NGC 2537 will be published in DSO 177.

Wolfgang Steinicke - Nebulae and Clusters Section Director

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